Christina Aguilera Terrified To Watch Acting Debut at Premiere of “Burlesque”

November 19, 2010 11:48 am

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Christina Aguilera chatted with “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Friday about her “Burlesque” acting debut, admitting it was a “grueling experience” and “tremendous amount of work;” but the hardest part of acting for Aguilera? “Watching the movie with a crowd of people.”

You would think singing in front of thousands of people at award shows, concerts, and even just recording an album would enable one with perma-confidence to be in front of any amount of people; yet the award-winning artist revealed “you feel the judgement around you,” while watching the “Burlesque” premiere with an audience for the first time. Despite Aguilera’s insecurity, the majority of reviews have come back positive, allowing Aguilera to confidently add actor onto her extensive list of professions.

Along with attaining actor credentials, Aguilera also gained another set of skills while involved with the film: “priceless advice” from co-star Cher. Aguilera relived the moment she met Cher on set, reflecting that Cher was a “breath of fresh air” and “breathed life into [her],” adding the goddess of pop is an “amazing teacher” as well. A line of advice from the wise Cher: “Husbands come and go honey, but I am still Cher at the end of the day.” Aguilera said says amen to that, concluding Cher’s “the coolest chick.”

Catch Aguilera on at the “American Music Awards” Sunday, November 21, where she’ll be performing “Burlesque” track “Express” around a vanity piece from the film itself; and catch “Burlesque” in theaters November 24.