Watch the Lindsay Lohan-less Trailer for ‘Mean Girls 2′ [VIDEO]

November 22, 2010 2:40 pm

Lindsay Lohan was on top of her game in 2004, when she starred in the teen comedy “Mean Girls” as an adorable yet naïve high school transplant who learns about cliques the hard way. The Tina Fey-penned comedy struck box office gold, raking in over 129 million dollars world wide. Six years, two DUIs and three rehab stays later, Lindsay Lohan is on the mend but can barely manage to keep a job. Just days ago the recovering addict was let go of her latest film project “Inferno” a biopic about Linda Lovelace after the court ordered her to remain in rehab.

Now the trailer for “Mean Girls 2″ hit has surfaced on the web and without the franchise’s signature strawberry blonde or her cruel counterparts Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert, the film just doesn’t live up to the original. “Mean Girls 2″ will head straight to DVD shelves in February 2011.

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic after all that, check out one of our favorite scenes from the original “Mean Girls”: