Kim Kardashian Keeps Mum on Gabriel Aubry, Says Halle Berry Is ‘Beautiful’ [AUDIO]

December 2, 2010 12:09 pm

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The curvaceous, irreverent, and successful Kardashian sisters KimKourtney, and Khloe joined Ryan in studio Thursday to chat “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” about their ever-expanding businesses, most recent New York Times best-seller list book Kardashian Konfidential, and most importantly–their personal lives!

Ryan eased into the topic starting first with Kim, asking “do you know Halle Berry?” Which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know translates to asking Kim about her most recent rumored beau Gabrial Aubry. Kim’s response? A cool “no, I do not.” When probed further if she’d like to meet Halle, Kim shyly stumbled “um, she’s beautiful…I don’t know!” Kim became more chatty when discussing her plan to remain single her entire year being 30, revealing “I really want to stay single…it’s hard when you meet amazing people and gorgeous people…but I’m definitely dating.” Kim further divulged “it’s hard cause if I’m singe and I go out on 5 different dates and am photographed, then I’m the town slore.”

As for the other two sisters, far from single Khloe divulged next about married life with NBA hubby Lamar Odom, whom she confessed “wants a big family” and even “twins,” sharing Lamar’s comic request “can you just put two in there?” And as for if Kourtney will be the next Kardashian sister to be wed; she responded “Right now I’m good, I feel good at how we [Scott Disick and I] are…Kim’s pushing it [though].”

Although Kim’s remaining shy about her love life with Halle Berry’s baby daddy, and Kourtney’s not yet ready to tie the knot, we do have some things to look forward to with the sisters such as upcoming “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” as well as a little something which Ryan hinted we’ll have to wait for…we wonder what it could be?!

Until then, you can also catch the sisters tonight at Borders Century City at 6:00pm for their book signing, click here for more info!