Mark Wahlberg: ‘Entourage’ Movie Not Yet Written, But Idea Is Ready [AUDIO]

December 8, 2010 8:33 am

As HBO’s hit show “Entourage” prepares for it’s eighth and final season, Executive Producer Mark Wahlberg is speaking out about the real possibilities of a long time rumored feature film about our beloved Vince, Eric, Drama, Turtle and Ari.

“We must make an ‘Entourage’ movie,” said Wahlberg in an interview with “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday. “Everybody’s been wanting it and Doug Ellin [creator/writer] has come up with an amazing idea.”

Wahlberg hopes that after they shoot the short six episode final season, they’ll be able to jump right into shooting the movie. Creator Doug Ellin is at the helm of both the TV show and film.

“He’s got a tough job of writing the whole season right now,” explained Walhberg. “But he’s got the idea in his head and that’s fantastic.”

Budding mega-producer Wahlberg also produces HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”, “How To Make It In America” and “In Treatment” in addition to feature film “The Fighter” in which he also stars.

“I read the script and thought this thing could be amazing,” said Wahlberg, about the film that endured years of production woes. “Guys like Bratt Pitt or Matt Damon at one time or another were attached to play the other role that Christian Bale ended up playing, but for whatever reason, people didn’t want to stick it out.”

Wahlberg trained for a whopping four and a half years for the film, requiring him to built a full boxing ring in his house and gain dozens of pounds in muscle mass.

Catch Wahlberg in “The Fighter” in select theatres on December 10 and nationwide on December 17.