Juanes Explains What Makes Latin Men Different from American [AUDIO]

December 16, 2010 10:02 am

Juanes stopped by during his trip to LA to promote his new album, Parce, which means “friend”. The 17 Latin Grammy winner’s new album has 30 tracks fans can enjoy, most of which he wrote while traveling.

“Most of the time I’m traveling,” he told Ryan,”and most of the time I’m writing songs and making demos…that’s the way I do my records.”

One of the most romantic and meaningful tracks on the CD is the song, “La Razon” which translates to “The Reason”, which is dedicated to his wife Karen and his children. When Ryan asked the pop star why they are so much more romantic in Latin countries, Juanes stated, “We live life with a lot of passion.”

Be sure to check out Juanes’ passionate CD and with thirty tracks on the album, there’s sure to be a track for everyone at home or in the car to enjoy!