7 Easy Steps To Making Your Own Holiday Wrapping Paper

December 24, 2010 3:14 pm

Lori Marquina

As the countdown for Christmas comes nearer, it’s time to get those last minute gifts wrapped! Instead of using the typical and predictable store bought wrapping paper, try creating your own personalized and unique gift wrap with these 7 simple steps.

What you’ll need:
Brown or White Kraft Paper

Tape (for wrapping the present)
Craft Paint or Sharpies/Colored Markers

Sponges (to cut out shapes and use as stencils), glitter for added embellishment, glue, ribbon

1. Begin by wrapping the gift in the kraft paper. By wrapping the present first, you’ll be able to paint/color exactly where you want versus facing issues of your design not fitting, looking odd, etc.

2. Once you’ve wrapped your gift, set up an area on a table or flat surface for your decorating. Lay out your paints, paintbrushes, glitter, glue, and markers.

3. After you’ve set up your work area, decide what you’ll be drawing on the paper-such as a snowman, Santa, holly berries, bows, candy canes. Or aside from the simple holiday related, some personalization like the gift receiver’s name, a greeting, or even an inside joke about the gift inside are great ideas as well. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

4. You can paint/color your design on either free hand and/or by creating stencils out of sponges.

5.To create a sponge stencil, find an old (recycle!) dry sponge and trace the shape you want onto it with a black marker. Using scissors, cut out the desired shape and evenly coat one side of the shape with paint. Firmly press the painted side of the stencil onto your paper and voilà!

6. You can sprinkle glitter over the wet paint which will function as glue, or you can wait until your paint dries and using a clear craft glue, can neatly create glitter outlines, shapes, writings, and more.

7. Once your paper has fully dried and your done with your decorating, garnish your darling gift with ribbon and place it under the tree where you can admire your creativity until the 25th!

For an even more budget friendly alternative, you can use newspaper or even old gift wrap saved from previous years in place of the kraft paper.