6 Tips To Follow If You Don’t Like Your Christmas Present

December 25, 2010 12:03 pm

"A razor? Really Mark!? REALLY!?"

It happens. Grandma buys you something that you would have liked when you were twelve, or it’s something which supposedly is “in fashion” but you just can’t love it. Here’s what to do if you don’t like your Christmas present:

1. If There Is A Gift Receipt, Return It: If it’s an item of clothing, it’s easy! Just tell the person who gave you the gift, “as much as I love it, it just doesn’t fit me correctly.”

2. If There Is No Gift Receipt, Donate It: It is a bad karma to regift a gift, especially if you don’t like it enough to keep for yourself. If it is a gift from someone you rarely see, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Just wear it once, or rave about it the next time you see them and after six months, donate it to Salvation Army.

3. If It’s Jewelry From A Loved One (boyfriend, husband): Lie. Say that someone at work that you don’t like, has the exact same one or make up a white lie for example, “this is silver and I mostly wear gold pieces. As much as I love this, it just doesn’t match with everything I have.”

4. If You Already Own It: Don’t lie, and tell them and make it a compliment. Simply say, “look how well you know me! I already have this and bought it for myself!”

5. If It’s A Gift Certificate To Somewhere You Don’t Shop: First, find out when the certificate expires and save it to regift to someone who you know shops there, and the next time you see the person who gave it to you, lie about what you purchased. You can also keep it for yourself. You never know if you’ll need it to purchase your next Halloween costume.

6. Throw A White Elephant Gift Party: Have a party with some friends or at work, depending on a perfect location to avoid the bad-gift-giver, and tell them to bring the gifts they want to get rid of . Not only will it be fun but it will just be another reason to have a party.