20 Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

December 30, 2010 11:56 pm

Hosting a NYE party this year? Or in need of something chic and unique to bring along to your destination? Check out these last minute tips to help ring in twenty eleven!

20. DIY Countdown Flutes:

Martha Stewart

Further amp up the anticipation of the 10 second countdown as well as add some extra detail to your champagne flutes by simply adding self-stick numbers (found where office/art supplies sold) to champagne flutes. Not only is it super quick and easy, but the numbers will double as glass markers too. After the event, just simply peel the numbers off or save them for 2012!

19. Use Party Favors as Decor:

No NYE party is complete without blowers, noise makers, party hats, and boas. Get creative and double the favors as table decor. Simply place sporadically around a table, bar area, etc. and let guests freely choose throughout the night!

18. Keep Minty Fresh:

Set up a cute bowl or jar of breath mints for guest’s easy access and quick fresh-ups prior to midnight.

17. Leave a Mark:

Place mini lipsticks at each guests place setting. It’s not only fun to wear a lip color such as hot pink or bright red that you don’t daily, but a festive lip color also fits the theme in leaving a kiss mark where you please! Be even more festive and add a little glitter over your lip color as well.

16. Resolution Board:

Set up a chalk board, white board, or poster board for everyone to write down their resolutions as they enter. It’s not only fun to see what others may be contemplating for the year ahead, but encouraging to know others may have the same as you as well.

15. Resolution Draw:

Having a smaller, close-knit shindig? Share laughs by having a resolution draw. Have each guest write down their top resolution on a slip of paper and create a guessing game out of drawing each resolution.

14. Start the Year Off Right and Be Green:

Reuse Christmas white lights and ornaments as a runnner down the table. Simply place the strand of lights down the center of the table and garnish silver and gold (or other NYE colors) ornaments around the lights or place a sheer/light piece of fabric over the lights as well. Have lots of ornaments left over in your NYE color scheme? Consider also making a wreath out them for an extra touch. You can also reuse silver, gold, etc. holiday wrapping paper for streamers and strips to fill glasses or throw across tables as decor. Use a shredder versus scissors to speed up the process as well.

13: Double Your Green Points:

You’re bound to probably be sipping champagne while getting ready or before the crowd is in full swing. Reuse the champagne bottles as candle holders. Not only will you be recycling, it’ll look très chic as well!

12. Confetti Eggs:

Channel your childhood and make confetti eggs to smash at midnight. To make, create a whole at the top of an egg and pour out the insides of the egg. Let the egg dry out so the confetti doesn’t stick to the inside, and once dry, fill with your choice of confetti and glitter. Once filled with confetti, cover the opening of the egg with a small square of tissue paper to seal the egg shut again. Place the confetti eggs in bowls around the party for guests use at midnight.

11. Dance 2010 away:

Great music is a necessity at any party. Create a memorable and upbeat playlist of the best songs from 2010 for guests to dance 2010 away. You can even create a list with songs from earlier years and create a guessing game out of it.

10.Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer:

Although the majority of your guests probably own cameras, or use their phones as cameras, it’s fun to take a break from the latest technology and go back in time with disposable cameras. Leave a camera at each guests table or place them throughout the party for guests to use and take home with them to have the memories for forever!

9. Glitz and Bling:

Look for sparkly bling from places like Party City or even Forever21 for inexpensive fun rings and costume jewelry that can double as napkin rings, glass markers, and accessories for your guests to enjoy. If you can’t find enough inexpensive bling, consider glow bracelets and necklaces. Look for packs of all white to stay in NYE style.

8. Be Classy:

Balloons are a simple, easy and classic choice for a NYE party. Instead of tying them down to a weight or object, let them hang from the ceiling and move freely throughout the night. Make sure the strings are long enough to not look odd though.

7. Get Crafty:


Head to a local craft store to find wood/block letters like “N” “Y” and “E” or numbers for “2010”. Cover each letter or number in glitter and use them as a center piece or focal point of the party.

6. Edible decor:

The Cookie Jar

Not only are they adorable, they’re functional as decor as well! Cure your guest’s munchies by providing decorative delights such as clock sugar cookies.

5. Tack on a Theme:

Add a theme to your event. Even though it’s last minute, a theme such as everyone wears their favorite or most despised trend of 2010 (ahem, jeggings) will not only be fun and entertaining but easy to manage costume wise as well.

4. Candid Shots:


Designate a friend who has a passion for photography and have them snap away candids. A break from posed pictures offers a memory captured in time.

3. Sparkle:

You can really never go wrong with sparklers. If all else fails, light sparklers and you’re good to go! Using caution is always a must; but writing your name or a happy new year message with the smoke outdoors is always fun too!

2. Create an Atmosphere:

By simply dimming your lights and/or swapping out your usual bulbs for colored ones, such as pruple, dark blue or pink, you can create a whole new atmosphere for your event. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive!

1.Send Them Home with Care:

Create cute care packages as party favors for guest’s drive home or day after. Prior to the event, grab some goodie bags and fill them with necessities and life savers such as mini waters, advils, emergen-c, and maybe even a hair tie?! And of course, remember to be safe and have fun! Have a Happy New Year!