Justin Bieber Knocks Britney Spears Out of #2 Most Followed Spot on Twitter

January 3, 2011 3:43 pm

Justin Bieber surpassed Britney Spears taking the #2 most followed spot on Twitter.

Though social media analysts frequently stress that following is no indication of influence, the most followed spot on Twitter has long been coveted since venerable social media king Ashton Kutcher beat CNN Breaking News to a million followers back in April of 2009. Kutcher relished the throne for a full year before Britney Spears surpassed him as Twitter went mainstream and international. Spears’ however didn’t hold the spot for long as Lady Gaga would later explode a mere four months later in August 2010 and surpass Spears.

Today, there is a new threat to Gaga’s #1 spot, as teen heart throb Justin Bieber has zoomed past Spears and has his eyes set on Gaga’s top spot which she holds with 7.5+ million followers. Although the Biebs has a cool million fans to pick up to catch up to her, there’s no doubt that if anyone can do it, it’s the boy wonder that is Justin Bieber.

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