Katy Perry’s Concert Tour Will Smell Like Cotton Candy — Literally

January 24, 2011 10:28 am

Katy Perry

Katy Perry phoned in to chat with Ryan on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Monday morning and revealed what’s in store for her upcoming “California Dreams” tour.

Katy recently announced the tour plans via Facebook, where she of course got the chance to visit the headquarters and met founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Katy let on Mark is “so normal” and “doesn’t even really have his own desk…he’s just chilling in his polo shirt and hoodie.” What’s not so normal is Katy’s plans for the upcoming tour–she revealed it will have all the “amazing bells and whistles that these big productions have…” but also will “engage all your senses.”

Katy explained the tour will be synced with Facebook’s ‘places’ feature, which will enable concert go’ers to ‘check in’ on Facebook while at the concert allowing them to meet up with their friends in attendance as well. Not only will there also be meet and greet opportunities, but Katy promises concert attendees will want to “raid a candy store after it.”

Why? Because Katy plans to have the sugary smell of actual cotton candy blown throughout, she even “brought an example to Facebook of what the tour is going to smell like!”

With such extravagant elements to plan for with the tour, as well as with every single she’s ever put out there hitting the charts, we’d think Katy wouldn’t have the time of day for a romantic date night with her hubby Russell Brand. Yet, leave it to Katy to conquer a love life as well, as she dispelled our assumption and told Ryan “it’s not tricky cause we have it [date night] planned 8 months in advance!”

Plan ahead like Katy does, and be sure to purchase your “California Dreams” tickets ASAP here!