Ryan Wants A Tattoo, Consults Director Adam Shankman for Advice [AUDIO]

January 26, 2011 9:17 pm

Superstar director/producer/producer/dancer/actor/choreographer Adam Shankman phoned in to chat with Ryan “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday morning to continue a dinner discussion they’d recently had about his new tattoo and the desire to feel more sexy!

Shankman, who helmed the “Step Up” series of films and “Hairspray,” explained his permanent decision to get inked stemmed from his thought that  tatts “looked cool, and were kind of sexy, and as of late I’ve needed to feel that way more.”

And, apparently the tatt worked! As not only did girls take notice the evening of their dinner, but after Shankman got the tattoo, he revealed he himself wanted to take another look–naked in the mirror! Shankman confided he took a Lunesta to sleep the night he got the tattoo and  woke to find he had slept walked and “taken a bunch of pictures in the bathroom naked” on his iPhone!

To hear what exactly his new ‘sexy’ tattoo is of, as well as to hear Ryan and Ellen K.’s input, check out the full interview here!