Lady Gaga’s Creative Director Laurieann Gibson Explains ‘The Egg’ [AUDIO]

February 14, 2011 9:19 am

Laurieanne Gibson

Celebrity choreographer and creative director Laurieann Gibson phoned in Monday morning to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to chat post-Grammys and reveal the creation process behind the extravengent avant-garde artist that is Lady Gaga and her ‘vessel.’

As Laurieann works with celebs from Katy Perry, Diddy, to even Jessica Alba (whom she says with “Honey 2″ was “challenging” for Gibson), she reveals “Puffs calls me at all hours of the night and morning and so does Gagalukes” adding, “Katy Perry perhaps hasn’t been the worse, Gags and Puffs are neck in neck” though.

And as for what everyone is wondering this Valentine’s Day-no, not what Gaga will be doing this evening-but rather what was with Gaga’s egg-placenta-vessel like shape she was carried down the red carpet in last night and emerged from on stage?!

Laurieann happily explained “it was really emotional for me because when she played the record for me I was like ‘my goodness, do you realize what you’ve given me lyrically?'” adding, “it’s a record with a message so it actually took me a while with this creative process, and I couldn’t sleep, and then two weeks later I called her and I was like ‘I got it!…We have to birth a new race’…they have to have DNA where they can’t hate.”

And as to why a re-birth and new species? “Because both of us seperately, her as an artist and myself as an artist and dancer, every door has been closed, we were completely beat down and alone when we first met so to be able to make that the message and just encourage people was really the driving force.”

In short, Laurieann concluded “it’s a vessel, like an unstoppable pod, bringing light to a place where we need hope,” adding “you have to go back and watch it and watch it again and then get ready for the video and the story will unfold.”

You can listen to the full interview above & be sure to catch Laurieann Gibson and these creative ideas in her upcoming reality show “The Dance Scene” which premieres on E! April 10th, 2011.