‘Amazing Race’ Host Phil Keoghan: I Lose 10 Pounds Every Season [AUDIO]

February 18, 2011 10:28 am

Phil Keoghan

Going onto his 18th season, Phil Keoghan returns as the host of the upcoming, “The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.” Bringing a new twist to the show, this season offers old contestants the chance to come back in hopes of redeeming themselves and ultimately winning the title they desperately aspired of having before. Keoghan called Ryan this morning to talk about the Emmy winning show as well as his new documentary, “The Ride.”

Aside from having the opportunity to travel the world, being the host of “The Amazing Race” is no easy job. In fact, Keoghan explains that the entire process is “crazy and very hectic.” He goes on to say, “we are shooting 12 shows in about 23 days… We are traveling 50,000 miles in those 23 days to around 12 countries.”

Ironically enough, being the host is just as demanding and physically challenging as being a contestant! Keoghan admits that “I drop about 10 pounds every season. We get about 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night.” Isn’t that crazy?

Despite Keoghan’s busy life as a host, he has found time to take up other side projects, such as filming his very own documentary. Keoghan describes his powerful documentary as the revealing of, “What happens to guy when he turns 40… I thought it would be a funny comedy documentary and it ended up becoming kind of like a little depressing, it really wasn’t that funny. So I thought before this mid-life crisis that everybody tells me is going to happen to me, happens, I am going to get on my bicycle and I’m going to ride from Los Angeles to New York.”

The documentary chronicles Keoghan’s 3,500-mile, 42-day bike ride from LA to NY in 2009. All proceeds of the documentary will go straight to the National MS Society. So far Keoghan has already raised $500,000 and is still going!

Make sure to download “The Ride” from I-tunes or Amazon today! In the meantime, catch Keoghan for “The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” on Sunday 8/7c on CBS.