Owen Wilson & Dr. Phil Weigh In On Granting A ‘Hall Pass’ [AUDIO]

February 23, 2011 9:55 am

Owen Wilson phoned in Wednesday morning to discuss “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” the promiscuous concept behind upcoming film “Hall Pass,” where a couple [Wilson and co-star Jenna Fischer] are allotted a “week off from marriage”!

When posed with the question, who really gets permission to have a hall pass, Owen responded “I don’t know…I know when I was telling my parents, who have been married for 45 years, what I was getting ready to work on, my mother was like ‘What! That sounds like a terrible idea…it doesn’t sound funny to me’.”

Yet, what is characteristically funny and always on point, is Owen himself who added, once his mother left his dad inquired “So, they really have hall passes?!”

When Ryan played back on-air callers who appeared to have successfully granted their respective other a hall pass, Owen joked “I’m proud of this country,” adding “this gives me renewed faith we’re headed in the right direction.”

Dr. Phil also phoned in Wednesday morning shortly after Owen to warn if your wife or husband proposes a hall pass “of course it could be a test!” Concluding,”it’s long been said there are two times men don’t understand women–before they get married and after they get married,” adding “somewhere a village is missing their idiot.”

To hear more of Dr. Phil as well as what Owen has to say about being a dad and how his older brother Andrew survived a shark attack, listen to the full interviews above!

Be sure to take Dr. Phil’s advice and don’t engage in taking a hall pass either, and instead let it play out before you and your honey this Friday, February 25 when “Hall Pass” hits theaters.