Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Knows Dad Holds the Key To Justin Bieber [AUDIO]

March 1, 2011 12:18 pm

(Photo: Getty Images)

Jamie Foxx called Ryan today to talk about his upcoming movie, Rio, his collaboration with Martin Lawrence, and how he’s the ultimate guest pass to Justin Bieber!

The movie, “Rio” is about a rare and distinct bird named, Blu, and his best friend/owner who take a trip to Rio de Janeiro to find other birds of his kind. Having been Foxx’s first attempt at an animated voice over, he describes the process of ‘voicing-over’ as “a chance for you to sort of like get away. It takes the pressure off you a little bit. You know when you’re acting you’re tying to get the scene right and everything like that; sometimes it’s a little tough. With this, you put the voice down, and they make you a great actor.”

Although there is no pressure of acting, Foxx explains that being the voice of an animated character isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There were many things he had to get used to! In fact, “the first thing I had to get used to was I tried to act my scene out. I was doing facial expressions.” How funny would it be if Foxx put together a video of all his facial expressions? We would love to see that!

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You may remember that back in 2009 Foxx, along with Martin Lawrence, produced a movie parody called, “Skank Robbers,” where Martin and Foxx played two female robbers. It received such a great response that Jamie “called Martin and said ‘Listen, why don’t we grab these characters, grab your dress out of the closet… let’s do a funny commercial about these two girls robbing a bank.’ So we did that, and next thing you know everyone was like ‘you need to do that as a movie,'” and so they did! Partnering with Sony, Foxx and Martin will be finishing up the project by this summer!

In other news, Ryan asked Foxx if his daughter ever rolls her eyes at him. His response, “You know what, constantly! But she’s has be careful because she knows I’m the guest pass. If she wants to see Justin Bieber, I’m the guest pass.” Well said, Foxx!

Make sure to catch “Rio” at your local theater on April 15th!