Watch the Hilarious First Interviews with the New Cast of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [VIDEO]

March 1, 2011 10:29 am

(Image: KIIS-FM)

The new cast for Dancing With The Stars season 12 was announced just last night! Ranging from an NFL wide receiver to an ex-Playboy bunny, this cast had proven to be one of the most dynamic ever. So what’s the inside scoop with this new cast? We sent Nelson and Tanya from the radio show to broadcast live from Hollywood, California.

In our interview with the new contestants, the stars revealed surprising confessions. Part of the buzz surrounding DWTS, is how the show magically transforms the bodies of some of Hollywood’s greatest celebs. The Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio is hoping for the same! When asked if he would go shirtless, Macchio stresses that “would have to be way down the line. I need about two months of getting in shape before that happens. We don’t want that too early, I might get voted off then.”

On the other hand, DWTS has also picked up contestants such as WWE world champion, Chris Jerico, a man who’s already made of muscles! As you may already know, dancing falls in a completely different spectrum than that of wrestling; however, Jerico insists that “tanning, spandex, rhinestones, sparkly stuff… that’s what I do in the WWE wrestling… that’s what I’m all about.” I guess we’ll have to wait to see how well Jerico pulls off those sparkly vests!

I think it is safe to say ex-Playboy and star of Girls Next Door and Kendra is accustomed to the glitz and glam Jerico was referring to. So if she can handle the sparkles and rhinestones, what’s her biggest fear about starring on the hit TV show? Famously known for her humorous laugh and candid TV moments, Kendra Wilkinson, explains that having your own reality TV show is far different from a live show such as DWTS. Kendra nervously expresses, “being in front of a lot of viewers and live audience is a whole other ballgame.” Can’t wait to see what Kendra brings to the dance floor!

Unlike the well-known Kendra, Mike Catherwood has flown a little under the ‘Hollywood scene’ radar. But not to be confused, Catherwood has so much talent to prove! Many were puzzled, with the inclusion of him on the cast; however, ironically enough so was he! Catherwood pokes fun by saying, “it was about an hour ago before the unveiling they said, ‘who lives in LA and is available and is enough of a narcissistic d-bag that would agree to do it at the last second’—here I am.”

Here’s the complete list of your 2011 DWTS contestants:

Chelsea Kane- Disney child star
Chris Jerico- 6-time WWE world champion and host of the ABC game show, Downfall
Hines Ward- Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver
Kendra Wilkinson- Ex-Playboy bunny & reality TV star
Kirstie Alley- Emmy award winning actress
Mike Catherwood- “Psycho Mike” on Kevin & Bean Morning Show on KROQ-FM
Petra Nemcova- Super Model
Romeo- USC student, rapper, actor, and son of Master P
Ralph Macchio- The Karate Kid
Sugar Ray Leonard- Legendary boxer
Wendy Williams- Host of The Wendy Williams Show

So what do you guys think of the new cast? Who can’t you wait to see hit the dance floor? Tell us in your comments!