‘On Air’ Producer Dennis Gets Kicked Out of ‘Idol’ Top 13 Party [AUDIO]

March 7, 2011 9:45 am

(Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions)

American Idol” top 13 contestants celebrated last week with a ‘Top 13′ bash atop the Grove parking lot, where “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”‘s very own executive producer Dennis Clark attempted to sneak in–and got caught!

Dennis explained  he and his three  friends  were standing “right there and this massive security guard came up to me and said ‘can I see your wrist guards?’ and I said ‘I don’t know what happened’ and then he said ‘you need to follow me.'”

When Dennis turned to seek help from on air publicist Amy Sugarman, who as Ryan chimed in “won’t drink, fly, or go in elevators,” Amy was unsympathetic blatantly adding, “I had to walk nine flights of stairs to even get to this party, I wasn’t about to come back down and try and help you.”

Although Dennis got escorted out for trying to be sly with wrist guard swapping, Ryan brought forth “the real issue here is, the kids-there they are, they’ve worked so hard…and you’re in there like a lunatic, and hitting on the Beast [from "Glee"], what kind of example is that for them?”

In which, Dennis characteristically responds-“Welcome to Hollywood!”

Tune in above to listen to more from Dennis, like what exactly he was drinking that night to how he bonded with Dot-Marie Jones aka Coach Beast on “Glee”!