6 Most Shocking Videos from Japan Earthquake & Tsunami [VIDEO]

March 11, 2011 12:41 pm

Hitting the Richter scale at 8.9, Japan suffered from one of the most powerful earthquakes in history Friday killing hundreds and injuring countless other.

The 8.9 quake didn’t end after the shaking stopped. The aftermath unleashed a 23-foot tsunami that ripped through the country destroying homes, sweeping away cars and setting wild fires to burn out of control.

The power of the tsunami was felt all over the world with warnings extended to the Pacific, Southeast Asian and Latin American coasts. Hawaii has already received its first tsunami induced 3-foot waves this morning at 9am, and waves are expected to even get bigger. Other Pacific coast areas are highly advised to stay away from beaches and harbors until further otice.

If you haven’t seen any of the earthquake/tsunami coverage, we brought you the top 6 most shocking videos.

6. Massive Whirlpool Forms In Harbor:

5. Airport Gets Flooded In Seconds:

4. Food Flies Off Shelves At Supermarket:

3. Cars Swept Away by Current:

2. Earthquake Destroys Inside of House:

1. Tsunami Wave Overtakes Farmland: