Watch the Rebecca Black Viral Video That Everyone’s Talking About [VIDEO]

March 14, 2011 5:36 am

(Image: YouTube)

Meet Rebecca Black — an aspiring teen singer who has gone nothing short of viral with her debut music video “Friday.” The video broke Friday afternoon, but over the weekend it had already racked up over two million views on YouTube and she was a trending topic on Twitter for most of the weekend continuing into Monday. While the overnight fame is something a new singer would normally relish, we’d thinking young Rebecca Black is seeking a back seat to hop in and drive very far away right about now.

The headlines were scathing, ranging from Gawker‘s “Is This The Worst Music Video Ever?” to D-Listed‘s “Rebecca Black Has Ruined Friday.” The song has reached viral success thanks to its distinctly auto-tuned vocals and lyrics that are… elementary to put it nicely.

“Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday), today it is Friday (Friday), we, we, we so excited, we so excited, we gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.”

Watch the full video below and let us know your honest thoughts in the comments below!

And as is standard for any song of worth, the YouTube covers started rolling in over the weekend — check out one of the best below!