Chris Harrison Says Bachelor Brad Womack Is ‘Determined To Make It Work’ [AUDIO]

March 15, 2011 7:16 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Bachelor host Chris Harrison called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Tuesday morning to give an inside look of last nights Bachelor finale where Emily received the final rose and a proposal from Brad Womack in the beautiful gardens in Cape Town, South Africa.

When asked regarding critical fans opinion of Brad and Emily’s rocky romance Chris responded with, “Most relationship even in the real world don’t work out, but as you saw in the special immediately after, obviously they’re already having their troubles which doesn’t bode well.”

Chris gave a unique perspective on Brad’s delicate balance of explaining his relationship with runner-up Chantel.

“He trying to explain how he felt about her (Chantel), and why he broke up with her. But at the same time he’s trying to not get in trouble; because all of the sudden he has this fiancé in Emily and he’s trying to tell Chantel that ‘ya I loved you. Ya I felt this way about you’’ without going home and getting slapped by Emily.”

Ellen interjected, “He (Brad) admitted to some torture between the time that the show wrapped and the reveal.”

“We’ll its been extremely hard. They’ve even broken up, and both admitted last night they even broke up a couple of times. There both incredibly stubborn. They’ve had some knock down drag out fights.

However most fans simply want to know it it will last? Chris is adamant that “Brad is bound and determined to make it work, and so is Emily”

Listen to the entire interview where Chris gives his opinion on the longevity of Brad & Emily’s relationship.