Charlie Sheen Will Tell ‘Real Story’ In Live Tour Says Live Nation Exec [AUDIO]

March 16, 2011 10:17 am

Joey Scalari, Senior VP of Marketing at Live Nation, chatted with Ryan Seacrest Wednesday morning to discuss what’s in the works for Charlie Sheen‘s career.

“We are conceiving a show that will speak to his strengths. He’s a pretty funny guy he’s obviously pretty smart, he has some great quotes. I think that’s what’s captivated everybody and that’s pretty much how it came together.”

They both feel that Charlie, being able to go out and connect with people face to face will do him some good. “He gets to go out and see people in person, and sometimes when you are in a celebrity hurricane like he has been your almost under siege. He’s really excited about it.”

Charlie’s live tour sold out in a record breaking 18 minutes in both Chicago and Detroit! Other shows are to be determined. $1 of every ticket sold is going to the Japan relief fund. To listen to the full interview listen below.