Matthew McConaughey Not Surprised By Mom’s Red Carpet Antics [AUDIO]

March 17, 2011 11:00 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” to discuss the emotional demand of leading a courtroom thriller for the first time since “A Time to Kill,” saying “I had a lot to focus on. No time to be complacent, that’s for sure. Every single day the scene I was in had major consequences to  it. Every scene counted.”

Matthew continued to recount “The Lincoln Lawyer” premiere night where his mother’s lovable antics stole the spotlight.

“Kay McConaughey, in all of her glory of being 80 years young, on the red carpet with her skirt hiked up to her hips showing leg and panties. Straight-faced looking like a golden girl on the runway,” said McConaughey. “No regrets. Not an ounce.”

Matthew, who avidly follows college sports, has high hopes for his alma mater Texas A&M during March Madness. He says, “Texas kinda limped into the end of the year, after we got extremely hot. If we can find our mojo on offense tomorrow, and through the tournament then we got a chance.”

Matthew has devised a “Three Step Plan Transitioning From Bachelorhood to Parenthood” He espoused, “First, its plants. Second, its pets. Then its Kids.” He recounts his jungle bachelor pad, his first dog Miss Hudd during filming “Boys On The Side,” and most notably being a father.

“I could even tell you from a young age that I wanted to have a children. I’ve got a great women in Camilla. We have a really nice thing goin’. This is the epic. The children and raising a family.

Listen to the entire interview below!

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