Joel Madden & Marc Summers Join ‘On Air’ To Talk ‘Double Dare’ Tribute [VIDEO]

March 18, 2011 6:32 am

(Image: Funny Or Die)

Good Charlotte choose to film a Funny Or Die video to support their song “Last Night”. Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Paul Thomas and Dean Butterworth play “Family Double Dare”, taking part in the classic Nickelodeon game show’s goofy challenges like “Breakfast in Bed” and “Ready, Set, Go”.

Joel  said, “They got the same kind of cameras that they used to shoot the show with, so it’s all authentic… it’s like a true 90s video”

He then added “It was like going back to ’92. The hair… it was really important that we had the hairstyles right. It was awesome and then Marc Summer coming and being on it made the video”

The boys are in the red team a.k.a. Cowabunga! and the Twins, facing off the blue team a.k.a. the Cheese Cutters. Unfortunately, they don’t make it to the finale and are forced to watch the blue team from the sideline. Watch the video below!