‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Troian Bellisario Unravels Season Finale [AUDIO]

March 22, 2011 8:30 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Troian Bellisario called in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest’ to unravel the suspense of the season finale of “Pretty Little Liars.” Ryan pressed hard for direct answers regarding crucial moments of the finale, but only received frustratingly vague answers.

Troian countered by stating, “I would tell you everything in a heartbeat, but the fact of the matter is they keep the scripts even from us! I have to go around on my own set stealing scripts. I have to run down the writers and say, ‘Don’t you even want me to know my lines?’ All they say is, ‘Ah, you can learn them five minutes before we shoot.’”

However, Ryan was able to pry a few important answers out of Troian that may shed some light including:

Why Did “A” Save Spencer?
‘A’ doesn’t want anyone but ‘A’ to take down the girls. So I think that ‘A’ will protect the girls until its time. Its like a supervillian. The supervillian is going to protect the heros, and not let any of the mini-villians take them down, because that’s the supervillians job.

Are Ezra & Aria Ever Going to Work It Out?
I think there going to skirt around the issue until she turns 18 (years old). We were just talking about that today, and we thought ’Wow, when Aria turns 18 its probably going to be a really huge episode.” She continued, “Their relationship is going to go through so many crazy ups and downs.”

Is Emily Moving?
“I don’t think we would let that happen.”

Listen to the full interview below for more “Pretty Little Liars” clues.

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