Man Dubbed ‘The Real Spider-Man’ Climbs World’s Tallest Building [VIDEO]

March 29, 2011 5:20 pm

Have you ever wished that you could cling to walls like your favorite neighborhood superhero? Well, for French urban climber Alain Robert, that wish is a reality. This skyscraping daredevil has scaled various buildings across the world – including China’s Cheung Kong Centre, UK’s Portland House office building, and Australia’s Lumiere Residential building to name a few. He stated that some of his climbs have some socio-political implications – for instance, his climb on the Four Seasons Hong Kong was meant to spread awareness of global warming.

On one of his most recent and most incredible feats, Robert found himself around the rim of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which is a 828m/2717ft tall. Normally, he likes to climb the walls with no restrictions or safety nets because it adds to the excitement of the climb. However, this time around Dubaian authorities mandated that he use a harness and rope for the climb as it is a liability and safety concern. To which, Robert stated, “I do understand. You know, this is such an iconic building so I can understand that even though they are taking care so much about my precious life, they are also taking care a lot of that precious Burj Khalifa.”

Check out some of his death-defying, spider-like scaling skills below: