Jake Gyllenhaal Denies Jason Bourne Rumors [AUDIO]

March 31, 2011 8:15 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Jake Gyllenhall phoned in Thursday morning to chat on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” about his new movie “The Source Code,” as well as let us in on his passion for the non-profit organization “The Edible Schoolyard” and even revealed what’s up with those Jason Bourne franchise rumors.

As for “The Source Code,” Jake admitted “as soon as I read the script I knew it was something that worked” adding, “the first ten pages was non-stop tension.” The film revolves around Jake’s character Colter Stevens, a US army helicopter pilot who crashed in Afghanistan and comes to find himself aboard a crowded train-and in someone else’s body! Starring opposite Jake is Michelle Monaghan who plays Christina and although the films a sci-fi thiller Jake admits “it’s actually a love story because these two people fall in love while on the train.”

Aside from acting, Jake’s also passionate about getting kids to eat healthier, revealing his role within the project entitled “The Edible Schoolyard” with Chef Alice Waters. “The whole philosophy is trying to get edible gardens into public schools so children can learn.” Jake further explained, “if you change the way a kid looks at how things grow, and they have the opportunity to see where food comes from, you can change their lives.”

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As for all those rumors regarding Jake stepping in as the new Jason Bourne, Jake admitted, “all I can tell you is I love all past three ones, I know nothing about anything else…I’m not one of the people involved.”

With Jason Bourne out of the picture for Jake, he divulged he’s actually working on an upcoming film by “Training Day” writer David Ayer, revealing, “I’m playing an LAPD officer.”

Listen to the full interview above and be sure to catch Jake in “The Source Code” which hits theaters tomorrow, Friday, April 1.