Nigel Lythgoe Can’t Predict Top 3 ‘Idol’ Contestants [AUDIO]

April 6, 2011 8:28 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Nigel Lythgoe phoned in Wednesday morning to offer his insight on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” about tonight’s “American Idol” and the remaining 9 contestants, as well as his upcoming CMT series “The Next Superstar,” and even divulged about his recent heart attack!

Nigel predicts tonight’s American Idol performances as, “some of the greatest songs in American pop history.” Explaining,”the kids have had the entire Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame layout, it’s wonderful music from it’s inductees there, and the kids have chosen some great songs.”

The contestants were scheduled to perform with legendary Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck, yet Nigel revealed that Lindsey Bunkingham, guitarist from Fleetwood Mac” had replaced Jeff at the last minute.

UPDATE: Shortly after Nigel’s interview, we learned that Lindsey Buckingham too will not be performing with “Idol” contestants.

As for the common theme of girls being eliminated this season of ‘Idol,’ Nigel weighs in saying, “I think the guys are quiet unique in their styles and that’s what is appealing to the public.” Furthering, “the girls have great voices, but somehow I think we’re left with the top three girls in my eyes, but the guys are just so unique.”

Nigel also confessed usually he and production staff “think we can name the top three…but this year we would not be able to do that.”

Aside from being executive producer of ‘Idol,’ Nigel’s also got upcoming CMT series “The Next Superstar,” which he explains revolves around, “ten really talented singer song writers and taking them around Nashville and trying to inspire them to try to write songs there and then and sing them to us and then judges will bring them down to two and then the public will take over.”

Nigel also explained his recent heart-attack, revealing, “I lost the back of my heart with the heart attack and then I lost 15 feet of intenstine with peritonitonis, you know when your apendix explodes.” Adding lightheartedly, “and then of course I was divorced, and you know to do that all in a year, and of course I still miss my intestine.”

Listen to the full interview above and be sure to catch “American Idol” tonight on Fox at 8pm as well as the premiere of “The Next Superstar” on CMT.

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