High School Senior Gets ‘Secret Life’ Surprise After Prom Date Pushes Too Far [VIDEO]

April 11, 2011 8:14 am

(Screenshot: Ryan Seacrest Productions)

San Gabriel Valley student, 17-year-old Megan, got a surprise meet and greet from ABC Family’s “Secret Life of the American Teenager” stars Greg Finley and Ken Baumann, after stopping by the studio to discuss how her now ex-prom date had plans to go further with her prom night than she wanted.

Megan revealed her then date was attempting to push her further than she’s got in mind come prom night and admits the first person she went to with this news was in fact, her mom. As for what mom said to Megan in reply? “Just keep true to yourself and don’t do anything you dont feel comfortable doing.”

Although Megan’s ditched this dude, she’s definitely down for “Secret Life” cast members Ken and Greg, who surprised Megan in studio with flowers and an invite asking, “if you’ll go to Wango Tango with us…are you down?”

Heck yeah, she is!

Listen to Megan’s whole story in the full interview below as well as her reaction to Ken and Greg’s surprise!

Be sure to also catch “Secret Life of the American Teenager” tonight on ABC Family at 8/7c.

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