Larry King Explains How Sex After 70 Is ‘Harder To Do’ [AUDIO]

April 12, 2011 1:05 pm

(Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions)

Broadcasting legend Larry King joined Ryan and Ellen K. Tuesday on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and discussed everything from Larry’s most recent endeavors, like bagels and breath mints, to even what Larry and Ryan himself talk during their monthly “man-dates.”

The power duo Seacrest and King reveal they set aside a monthly date, a “man-date” to be exact, to talk everything but business. King laughingly admits when on their man-date, and seated at a front table, “we know everyone is looking at us wondering about a deal.”

And although of course they talk deals at some meals, the topic of their most recent man-date revolved around sex, love, and kids!

On air today they dove right into the convo again, where Larry reveals sex at 70, “gets harder to do,” adding lightheartedly for him, “first you get up in the morning and you pray.” Larry further admitted, “I can’t use viagra or any of those substances because I have a heart condition so you do the best you can, you’re in love-love remains the same, but sex is not as great. You don’t fantasize as much-I don’t at least.”

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What exactly is love then for Mr. King? Larry describes it as, “if you meet someone and she says ‘I’ll call you tomorrow at 7:00′ and it’s five after 7:00 and you’re comtemplating suicide, then you’re in love,” but, “if she calls you at 7:00 and says ‘I can’t make it tonight’ and you’re not bothered, then you’ll never be in love with her.” In short, Larry adds, “you know when you’re in love when someone drives you nuts.”

As for what comes after love-kids and marriage, Larry weighed in as, “there’s nothing like kids to ferment a relationship because they’re the product of both of you,” even confiding his own kids with wife Shawn Southwick, Chance 12 years-old and Cannon 11 years-old, “were done without Viagra.”

On the topic of being a father to younger children, Larry honestly admitted, “I’m the age of a grandfather with children who belong to the age of a father. They ran around and say ‘let’s play ball’ and all that but you can’t do that anymore.” Although Larry may face some restrictions that come with age, he admits, “but I coach the little league team and I try to stay active and stay in shape, but it’s hard.” Adding, especially, “boys are a load…I raised a little girl who is now in her early 40’s and I found boys easier at one point and girls get tough when they get in to early teens.”

Although Larry had much to say regarding love and offering advice, his response to Ellen K.’s question regarding why he married so many times versus simply date, he answered with a mere, “I have no idea.”

Aside from all the personal talk, the legend also stayed true to his successful traits in discussing what he’s currently got going as for promotions. Such as Brooklyn’s Water Bagel Company and even Breathgemz.

Listen to the interview above to hear more about the NYC authentic tasting bagels now readily available everywhere outside the city, as well as a breath mint which keeps your breath fresh for up to 4 hours, and of course, even more Kingly advice!