New Season of ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ Premieres Tonight [VIDEO]

April 12, 2011 4:03 pm

(Screenshot: ABC Television)

It’s Tuesday, April 12th, which means the season 2 premiere of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” is finally here!

After first landing in LA months ago, and taking to pounding the LA pavement with the attempt of bettering Los Angeles schools and the food which children eat, it’s been well reported that health activist and chef Jamie Oliver has faced serious opposition from the LAUSD — and it’s now time to officially get a look at what all went down!

The day has finally come for the much anticipated season two of Emmy award-winning series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and not only does this season take on a whole new region, it’s also documented Jamie’s first challenge and demonstrates just how dedicated he is to bettering children’s health-and even more so, how necessary the change is needed. Season 2 includes footage of the LAUSD banning Jamie from their schools, shocking realities of what’s really in your kid’s food, and even a little Jamie fun (like donning a full-on Green Pea costume) along the bumpy road as well. Take a look here:

Check out the video below as well to hear from everyday people like YOU, along with stars such as Heidi Klum, Kate Gosselin, Eva Longoria, Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Dr. Drew, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more who have signed Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Petition.

To sign the petition yourself, go to Jamie’s site by clicking here or text “Jamie” to 22288.

Be sure to tune in (and/or set your DVRs!) to “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” season 2 premiere which airs tonight on ABC at 8pm