Jenny McCarthy Will Take A “Chubby, Hairy, Short, or Balding” Man [AUDIO]

April 19, 2011 12:40 pm

(Photo: Getty Images)

Author, actress, and mother Jenny McCarthy phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to chat about the dilemmas she faces with dating, and her experience designing a shoe with ShoeDazzle for it’s ‘Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity.’

Jenny faces the real life dilemma of being single as well! McCarthy jokes, “I’ll talke chubby, hairy, short, bald,” adding, “I like someone with a job-that’s the priority…and then the penis has to work.” Listen to the full interview below to hear more about Jenny’s dating challenges, and listen to her reaction to her ‘bikini age’ versus her ‘real age’!

As for clarifying what exactly she means by “work,” Jenny shares she’s discovered men in their thirties to be having, “a little problem these days.” Explaining, “I’m hearing they’re talking Propecia so they won’t go bald, but it’s affecting their game.”

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McCarthy went on to describe ShoeDazzles’ ‘Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity,’ as, “they choose a celebrity each month and have them design a shoe, where 100% of the proceeds go to their charity.” In which, she reveals, “this being Autism month,” her shoe “Fearless,” at only $39.00, will benefit Generation Rescue, an organization dedicated to recovery for children with autism spectrum disorders-a charity close to her heart, as her son Evan is Autistic.

McCarthy adds her drive for the charity stems from although her son Evan, “did have a seizure a couple months ago,” he is now “doing phenomenal [and] has come a long way,” which is why she’s so dedicated to help spread that, “recovery is real.”

Be sure to check out Jenny’s shoe as well, which is available for purchase April 21st exclusively at ShoeDazzle