Watch A Ticklish Baby Penguin Giggle [VIDEO]

April 19, 2011 12:37 pm

Cookie, the adorable Penguin mascot of the Cincinnati Zoo Bird House, waddles her way around a room to play with her zookeepers.

While trying to get Cookie to do what she does best, laughing hysterically in the cutest way possible, the zoo keepers use their hands to try to get the noise to finally come out of her.

Cookies’ little penguin tail begins buzzing around with her wings quickly flapping up and down as she gets more excited. When the bird notices a hand motioning in its direction, she uses all the power she has in her little body and darts towards the hand in the distance. When she falls for the harmless, playful trap of the zoo keepers hands, one of them begins to tickle her. What comes out of Cookie’s mouth next, is something you need to watch and hear for yourself to believe.

Watch Cookie flounder around the room, shaking her little wings, and laughing hysterically as her owners tickle her, below: