Heidi Montag Reveals Her Plan Of Attack For VH1’s “Famous Foods” [AUDIO]

April 21, 2011 10:41 am

Reality star Heidi Montag phoned in Thursday to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to clear the air on recent “The Hills” rumors; as well as divulged to us what exactly her upcoming VH1 reality show “Famous Foods” is all about.

As for if “The Hills” is coming back as “The City,” Heidi clears the air as, “not true to my knowledge.” Yet, although “The Hills” may not be returning to the tube, Heidi herself sure is.

The buxom blonde further addressed rumors, like whether her upcoming reality show with VH1 will be about ‘undoing’ her now famous plastic surgery, in which she denies, “that’s definitely not true either, no.”

What is true Heidi confirms is a show entitled “Famous Foods,” which she explains, “is about several celebrities coming together and building a restaurant, and working in it, and kind of figuring out the in’s and outs of the restaurant business, and how to be successful in it.”

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As for her plan of attack this time around, Heidi adds, “my plan is to just work as hard as I can, and to have fun, and to get through it without any crazy altercations.” In short, “to get out alive.”

Heidi reveals some of the rest of the cast to include, “Danielle Staub from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the two Thee 6 Mafia guys Juicy J and DJ Paul.” Heidi confirms the show “will air end of summer,” and adds, “my favorite person on the show is Lisa Lopez. I’m just excited to be working with her, because she is one of the main producers, and that’s really why I’m doing this show.”

As for if the show’s cast and Heidi will be ‘leveraging their aesthetics to their advantage in the show, she laughs, “I’m not sure,” furthering, “that’s not the tactic I’ll be taking though.” Concluding, “the show is really about hard work, and being a go-getter, but I’m sure some people on the show might.”

Tune in to the interview above to hear more from Heidi!