Stefano Langone’s ‘Idol’ Elimination [AUDIO]

April 21, 2011 10:37 pm

(Photo: Getty Images)

Host and middle man Ryan Seacrest shares what went down during last night’s “American Idol” elimination, and he’sbrings you backstage news just hours post last night’s “American Idol” elimination.

Ryan recounts of Stefano Langone’s elimination as it “came down to Jacob [Lusk] and Stefano, just before the last act Stefano was on the couches hugging James Durbin who was basically in tears last night-the two of them were very very close and Jacob was milling around the center of the stage and I felt like he thought he was going to be the one to go.”

As for Stefano’s reaction to being eliminated, Ryan notes, “he was one of the few who was anxious to sing for the crowd and I could see Jennifer [Lopez] was sad to see him go.”

Listen below for Ryan’s full recap of Stefano’s elimination: