Khloé Kardashian Odom Talks Acting Debut & Post Marriage Weight Gain [AUDIO]

April 22, 2011 10:22 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

The youngest Kardashian sister and Laker wife, Khloé Kardashian-Odom , phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Friday from the set of “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” and shared with us her acting debut experience; as well as explained the recent tension between mom Kris Jenner concerned about her supposed post-marriage weight gain.

Khloé describes her experience filming a guest role on “Law & Order: Los Angeles” as, “when I got offered,  I was like ‘OMG, I’m not an actress, I can’t do this,’ and Lamar [Odom] was like, ‘no, honey you’re doing it, I love the show’.” Khloé describes her role as “juicy” and explains,  “I’m playing a version of myself and my publicist goes missing, or dead, and they’re kind of interrogating me because we got into an argument cause I was in a bad outfit…my booty looked too flat.” Adding as her character, “I blame everybody else but myself.”

Although Khloé clearly is playing a role with the latter, in real life she faces similar, although less murderous, situations with momager Kris Jenner-and it’s not about her booty being too flat, but rather not flat enough.

After previewing audio clips of Khloé shouting “I’m too f***ing fat all the time! Do you want me to get pregnant or lose weight?!” to her mom from this Sunday’s upcoming “Khloé & Lamar” episode, Khloé explains the reason behind the dispute as tension between Khloé’s weight and the family’s Quik Trim association. Khloé addresses, “[Kris thinks I've] gained too much weight since I’ve been married…that’s basically making me feel like crap so I went off on her.” Adding, “[if Kris] wants me to get pregnant…you shouldn’t be on extreme diets…she wants me on food delivery systems, it’s crazy.”

As most of us wouldn’t fly talking to our own moms like that, Khloé adds, “that was me talking to my manager at the moment, that wasn’t my mom…you dont call someone and tell them you’re ruining our brand and empire because you have gained weight.” Adding, in true Khloé fashion, “she should look in the mirror instead of yelling at me the whole time.”

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Hear more from Khloé, like how Lamar is feeling about NBA Playoffs, in the full interview above! And be sure to catch Khloe’s weight meltdown on “Khloé & Lamar” Sunday, April 24th on E! @ 10pm and her acting debut on “Law & Order: Los Angeles” Monday, April 25th, on NBC @ 10/9c.