Ricky Gervais ‘Avoiding’ Royal Wedding [AUDIO]

April 22, 2011 10:59 am

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Funny man Ricky Gervais called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Friday to chat about tonight’s HBO special “Talking Funny,” a roundtable consisting of himself, Chris Rock, Louis C.K., & Jerry Seinfeld, and also gave us his two cents on everything from how he generates material, Steve Carell as a person, to even his feelings on the Royal Wedding and family!

As for how Ricky generates the comedic material he’s known for, he shares, “well I think so but I think that’s generally true for anyone who is in the arts particulary the comedian, if you didn’t do it naturally then it’s hard to learn….my English teacher said something to me which I really think is quite profound-‘write about what you know,'” which he adds, “as long as you do that you’re truly bullet proof.”

Speaking of material, Gervais most recently finds himself not only an executive producer for, but a member on the roundtable as well, of tonight’s HBO special “Talking Funny.” He descirbes the special as,” it’s four guys, who have one thing in common-their career, their passion-in this case, it’s myself, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Louis C.K and predominately with stand up comedy and why we got into it.” Gervais details, “even if you’re not into standup it’s not like we’re talking about things you wouldn’t know about…we’re not tying to be funny but with those 3 guys in the room it is funny…it’s a nice discussion.”

Sure “Talking Funny” is a guarantee laugh, but Ricky also admits “I learned something,” revealing, “everything we discussed was four different opinions…the only thing we all agreed on is funny is funny.” Gervais concludes the show as, “it’s four guys chatting-it’s almost like it’s not a TV show.”

Another ‘special’ being featured on TV soon will be the Royal Wedding, which despite his English roots, Ricky admits, “ugh God, I’m trying to avoid it,” adding he doesn’t understand people’s fascination as they’ll be, “sitting at home on a lovely day watching two people you’ll never meet.” Ricky further shares,  “William and Harry have come to a couple of my gigs in London….course they didnt pay, they don’t even carry money.”

In short, Ricky says, “no I don’t think I’ll be watching it…I’m sure I’ve got something better to do…[also] I don’t think im a wedding person.”

As for buddy Steve Carrel, Gervais offers “I tease him every opportunity but I think he is amazing, he has taken “The Office” further than I ever thought it could go.” Further praising, “he is so untouched by all his success-after an awards show he shuffles back home and has a pizza with his family.”

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Listen to the full interview above for a sure laugh or two and make sure to tune in to “Talking Funny” tonight Friday, April 22th on HBO at 9pm