Phil Rosenthal Talks ‘Exporting Raymond’ [AUDIO]

April 27, 2011 1:40 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond” Phil Rosenthal phoned in Wednesday to chat “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” about his hilarious experience bringing ‘Raymond’ overseas to Russia with upcoming documentary “Exporting Raymound.” While in Russia, Phil says that the Russians claimed they invented the sitcom.

In the doc, Phil travels to Russia to help adapt his beloved sitcom for Russian television and audiences. Yet, as Phil shares, humor comes from real life,” the Russians response was, “‘real life is terrible, why would we put that on television?'”

Although they may not share the same sense of humor, Phil still found the comedy within the situation, explaining he decided, “not bring a camera crew and film what really happens.”

As for why people in America appreciate “Everybody Loves Raymond” so much, Phil believes, “because it’s relatable to people.” Adding, “I filled in with the personality of my family, my parents, my wife, and even a little bit of me in Ray.”

“Everybody Loves Raymond” clearly draws a large audience, although not quite to the magnitude of the upcoming Royal Wedding, in which Phil lightheartedly weighs in as, “I say what I usually tell my wife when we’re going to a wedding-we hardly know these people.” Concluding his thoughts on the shindig as, “do [people] really care? really? Or is this a giant media creation that they’re telling you to like?”

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