Meredith Vieira Addresses Leaving ‘The Today Show’ Rumors [AUDIO]

April 28, 2011 11:24 am

Meredith Vieira phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Thursday from London, where she’s on site for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s nuptials. As well as discussed Katie Couric and possibly her own exit from NBC’s “The Today Show.”

As for how Meredith feels about Katie Couric’s ‘Today’ exit, she shares, “well I guess I wasn’t really surprised because there have been so many rumors for so long.” Adding, “I’m sure she thought about it long and hard and whatever she ends up doing, she’ll do well. It had to be for her the right decision, it couldn’t have been something she just jumped at.”

Although open to discussing Couric’s exit, Meredith pulled the good old’ dropped-call strategy when questioned as to what she herself will be doing next year, attempting a, “hello? hello? I think I lost him, I think I lost Ryan!”

Jokes aside, Meredith did reveal, “we shall see…one thing at a time.” Furthering, “it’s a very tough schedule but it’s a phenomenal job and ‘The Today Show,’ there is nothing like it, so whatever happens it’s an honor to work with these people and it’s such a blast.”

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Until then, Vieira finds herself currently in London for the job, covering the Royal Wedding, which she shares, “we’re on the air live for eight hours.”

Meredith gave us the inside scoop with today’s Wedding details as: “Katherine Middleton and her sister, Harry, and her family, all had one more rehearsal today, but William wasn’t there. I’m not sure why he wasn’t there.” Adding, “the press here, they have two pictures of [William] playing football, you know soccer, and her with a phone and a garment bag, looks like she is doing last minute preparation-it’s like any other wedding, the women does everything, they really are normal!” Concluding, “she’s supposed to get a spray tan today…and a manicure.”

Listen to the full interview above to hear more from Meredith, like how she visited William’s fave restaurant which serves kangaroo & bugs, and be sure to tune in tomorrow, April 29th for the much anticipated Royal Wedding on NBC beginning, 4 am/et across all time zones.