“The Royal Wedding Was Beautiful And Magical” Says Prince Azim of Brunei [AUDIO]

April 29, 2011 1:03 pm

(Photo: Getty Images)


Prince Azim of Brunei called ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest‘ to express what he thought about the wedding, as well as talk about his own life. In the interview, Prince Azim says he thought the Royal Wedding was “beautiful and magic.” When asked what team he was on, Prince William or Prince Harry, regarding the better looking Prince, Prince Azim said “it’s what’s inside that matters.” To which Ryan Seacrest wittily responded “Remember, we’re in LA.”

Prince Azim, who lives in Brunei in Southeast Asia, admits that being a Prince has it’s challenges and has it’s good points. He says he “takes all the good things in life and multiplies it by a million. And takes the bad things and multiplies it by a million.”

When asked about his relationship with the people of his nation, he says “I see them everyday. I say ‘hi.’ I’m friends with them.” He also adds, when asked about his royal powers, that “I think the most important power is to use [your power] to make it better for everybody else. I’m in a very fortunate position and use that for everybody else and make them happy. You know, do what good you can with what you have.”

Prince Azim also admitted that he is currently single. He says that his past girlfriend told him he was “too difficult.” However, Prince Azim is perfectly happy being single now. He says he “isn’t looking right now. I’m very busy right now but very happy just being by myself.”

Listen to the full interview, below:

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