Anderson Cooper Questions “Whose Side Is Pakistan On?” [AUDIO]

May 2, 2011 11:36 am

Anderson Cooper called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to give a journalists perspective on the breaking news of Pakistan’s involvement in Osama bin Laden‘s death saying, “I interviewed the former President Musharraf, and he categorically denied that Osama was in Pakistan even though the US intelligence was saying that he was. You gotta ask questions of the Pakistan government over many years. What were they doing? Did they know that was in fact, there? He furthers, “People had to have known that he was there. Whose side are they [Pakistan Intelligence] really on?”

Anderson continued to challenged not only the Pakistan government, but its people as well stating, “People in the neighborhood must have known something was going on. You have this compound that has been built with 15 foot high walls, and they are burning their garbage. In Pakistan you can’t walk down the street without some informant or somebody watching you. It’s amazing to me that bin Laden could have lived in the neighborhood like this for six months or more without someone realizing.”

CNN’s John King also called in and confirmed that there would need to be a “smoothing out of relations” with the Pakistan government. “The Pakistani government is saying that it knew of the operation, but from our sources they were told about it after the fact. That the United States was so concerned that something would leak that this was essentially a US special operations in a major city 30 miles north of the Pakistani capital. The diplomacy of this one will be interesting over the course of the next few weeks and months.”

However Anderson and Ryan did agree that, “This is an extraordinary moment for all of us weather or not your in New York or not. “ He continues, “It’s a great moment for the United States, and for all of us. It not the end of the war against Al Queda , but it certainly is a major victory.”

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