Star Jones Is “Manipulative, Conniving, and a Backstabber” Says NeNe Leakes [AUDIO]

May 2, 2011 10:18 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ and ‘Apprentice’ cast mate NeNe Leakes phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Monday following last night’s ‘Apprentice’ meltdown where NeNe went off on reality show rival Star Jones.

Nene attacked Star Jones saying, “Star is very maniupulative. She’s very conniving. She’s backstabbing. On the other hand, I am very loyal, and I will tell you just like it is to your face and not behind you back. I don’t like shady people, and Star is shady!

After calling Star a ‘evil, fat lady,’ NeNe shares, “the truth is the truth…at the end of the day NeNe Leakes is giving you the truth.” Adding, “I don’t think anyone likes Star, I personally feel they were intimidated by her…she intimidates by saing she’s so educated, but we have prisoners who are so educated.”

Nene then went on to do her best impression of Starr by saying, “‘Oooh, I’ve been to Harvard, and I have a TEN YEAR Degree.’ We don’t care about that, sister! Listen to me. That’s not necessary. Lets not try and pull the education card. We’re all educated here, and if we weren’t we wouldn’t be on TV. You may have a ten year degree, but you are sitting next to me getting the SAME check. How do you like me now?”

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Listen to the full interview above to hear more from NeNe Leakes, like how La Toya Jackson was brought back on, and more!