John Stamos Shares “I’d Like To Meet A Nice Girl, Have Kids” [AUDIO]

May 3, 2011 10:32 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

The hottest Uncle and dentist we’ve come to know,John Stamos, phoned in Tuesday to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to chat about his upcoming role as a guest star on “Law & Order: SVU,” as well as whether he’ll return to “Glee” or not, and even how he’s ready to settle down, have kids, and get married.

The 47-year-old admits, “I’d like to meet a nice girl, I’d like to have kids…and enjoy the things I’ve worked for in my life.” Adding, his ideal woman to be, “funny, sweet, smart.”

Although fans and admirers may consider Stamos to be quite the catch, he disagrees, admitting, “I’m not the perfect guy. I’ve had to work on myself. I think I’m getting better…I spend time trying to not work…you’ve got to enjoy yourself.”

Speaking of work, Stamos touches upon his stint playing “Glee” character Dr. Carl Howell as, “I think I’m done [with "Glee"], but I had the best times of my career on that show.”

Further reflecting on work, “you get caught up in being a celebrity…and you forget why you became an actor so when roles come around like ["Law & Order"] I try to jump on them.”

Not only did Stamos jump on the offer to guest star in “Law & Order,” he also jumped on the opportunity to play a role he’s yet to take on-the villain. Explaining his guest role as, “a really facinating role…I’ve never even seen a role like this.” Adding, his character is, “a real creep…he is obsessed with having children. He’s fathered forty seven children,” and he does things like, “pokes holes in rubbers.”

Catch Stamos as a villian on “Law & Order: SVU” Wednesday, May 4th, on NBC @ 10/9c.

Listen to the full interview above to hear more from Stamos as well, like how he first met Ryan, and their work together on upcoming film “New Years Eve.”