Kate Hudson Talks Shania Twain’s Life Imitating ‘Something Borrowed’ [AUDIO]

May 6, 2011 7:58 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Ever-cheerful and currently preggers actress Kate Hudson phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Friday to chat about her most recent flick “Something Borrowed,” as well as offered her personal opinion on the film’s story line of friends and affairs and even Shania Twain‘s past troubles.

With Shania Twain’s recent divulging about her past troubles with now ex Mutt Lange, who had an affair with, then married Twain’s former best friend, the comparison between Shania’s experience and the movie wasn’t gone unseen and had Kate reflect, “oh god, can you imagine?” Leading her to share, “there’s been a lot of women, while doing the press for this movie, who get offended by the whole situation and I kind of immediately go, ‘okay, did this happen to you?’ Cause I think it happens more so than we like to think.”

As for if Kate would ever consider a friend’s guy, she states “no, for me, no.” Adding, “personally, I’m about being completely honest, up to the point where it’s almost a problem.”

Kate explains the rom-com through her character Darcy who is “enormously narcissistic” and, “doesn’t care about anyone but herself, so she doesn’t think in a million years that her best girlfriend would be in that scenario…[it's the friend] who is torn back and forth in love with her fiancée kind of thing.”

As for Kate’s take on the situation occuring in real life, she adds, “I think girls are great liars. We know how to do that, but I personally think that if you’ve got a good group of girlfriends then you’re good.” However, Kate does warn, “but there are a couple out there that you’ve got to be careful of.”

As for her co-star and on film fiancée Colin Egglesfield, Kate describes him as a, “really nice guy.” Explaining, “this movie has three guys in it (Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski, Steve Howey) and I think every girl can kind of go what kind of guy-girl are you…it’s got a guy for every girl.”

As for what kind of guy-girl Kate is herself? She admits, “I’m the Krasinski type.”

To hear more from Kate, like how she’s waiting to find out the sex of her baby, listen to the full interview above. And be sure to catch Kate Hudson in “Something Borrowed” which hits theaters today, Friday May 6th