WORLD PREMIERE: Steven Tyler Releases Debut Solo Single “(It) Feels So Good” [AUDIO]

May 9, 2011 8:39 am

(Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions)

After spending 30 years fronting what many call America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band, Aerosmith frontman and “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler has released his first ever solo single “(It) Feels So Good.”

The “Demon of Screamin'” unveiled the full song exclusively with “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Monday, dropping by the studio to explain the background of the song, the ongoing battle with editors over its music video release during “American Idol,” and what it’s like to write a song with Pirates of the Caribbean superstar Johnny Depp.

On “(It) Feels So Good” Music Video
Steven shot the video for “(It) Feels So Good” two weeks ago and will premiere exclusively on “American Idol” Thursday, much like Jennifer Lopez‘s video for “On The Floor” did. However a phone call to “American Idol” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed that complications have arisen with heavy editing due to “raunchiness.” Steven playfully retorts, “How much did you scrap off the top?” Nigel corrects, “Well not scrape OFF the top, but we’ve had to put things ON the top. These women are rather exposed.” Steven insisted that there is no need for worry stating, “No, their not. You know me! I checked every frame of that video. It’s your mind, Nigel! She wearing clothes in every bit of it! Its foggy. Its through the shower. She’s got clothes on.” Audiences are going to have to tune into “American Idol” Thursday night to see what made it past the editors, and met with Nigel’s approval.

On Areosmith Performing On “American Idol”
Steven discussed the bands most recent development, “The band [Aerosmith] thought I wouldn’t be as accessible…but we have found time to write, and we have. A band is a band, and they didn‘t want to see that the lead singer is going off somewhere else.” Although later in the interview Steven commented, “I’ve got some resentments, but I’m working on them. ‘What do you mean your looking for another lead singer?’ he laughingly says.

Nigel inquires as to the current status of Areosmith, and the likelihood of their performance on “American Idol” asking, “Did you get Areosmith to perform again, Steven? I thought that was something that would never happen?” Steven confirms, “Oh, ya right. You kidding? We’re going on tour! We’re working on an album. They WILL be there.” One can only speculate if Areosmith will simply be in attendance or on stage performing.

On Johnny Depp
Steven reveled how his most recent celebrity collaboration began, “I got a phone call from Johnny [Depp] who wanted to know if I wanted to come to the premiere of Pirate ‘s [of the Caribbean], and I was mixing my single, and editing the music video. So I just moved that back because I wasnt going to miss that for anything.” However how did they initially connect?

“I saw him a few weeks ago at the ”Kids Choice Awards,” and I told him we need to write something together. So we got together, and we wrote a little something. He’s a great musician.” When asked where the collaboration may appear Steven remained coy, but rather responded, “How great would that be with Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, and me? Johnny’s great, because he calls me up asking, ‘Dude, you’ve got to come over, cuz I just want to make sure I’ve got ‘Seasons of Wither’ right.’ So its been nothing but good!”

On Writing “(It) Feels So Good”
The easygoing, upbeat song was written by Steven and musician/songwriter Marti Frederiksen, who’s well known in the industry for his work with Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and Daughtry. Tyler explained that he wrote the lyrics and melody in two hours all by the pool at the Sunset Marquis hotel in Los Angeles.

Steven confides his intimate relationship with music saying, “Music speaks to me…I hear words when I hear the melody…it just talks to me I can’t tell you how or why, but that’s why I’m a lyrist. “ He continues, “Back in the old days Joe would give me some riffs on a cassette tape, and I would just hear the lyric. I would scat [improvise] it, and fill it with lyrics later.”

“It’s such a good-time song,” said Steven. “I think it’s what America needs right now, just putting the roof down in your car on your way to the beach. I wanted to give it away free with the book, but Sony saw it differently.” Listen to “(It) Feels So Good” below and buy it on iTunes tomorrow!

Also check out Steven’s just released book “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir,” which hit stores last week. The book is said to take fans inside his idiosyncratic mind, sharing the extraordinary highs and lows of his legendary life and career.