Jimmy Kimmel “Skeptical” of Being Crowned ‘Hunk of the Week’ [AUDIO]

May 11, 2011 11:28 pm

After the ladies of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest experience a week of bliss due to ‘hunk week‘ is sadly coming to an end, and in true finale fashion, a winner is crowned.

The studio experienced Paul Wesley’s wit and “Vampire Diaries” good looks, Steven Tyler’s rock star bod and most recent single “(It) Feels So Good Loving You,” Mario Lopez’s Extra Lean Family muffins and rock-solid abs, and Colin Egglesfield’s star tattoo and “Something Borrowed” looks from Tom Cruise. Yet, when considering all hunk requirements: “sense of humor, good looks, charm, intellect, and physique”, none of the above racked up checks in all boxes like the true hunk Jimmy Kimmel does!

Jimmy accepts the award in true speechless fashion, exclaiming, “wow…this is an honor I never thought I’d ever receive and I’m still skeptical.” As for passing the criteria of a true hunk, Jimmy notes, “I always hear that women value a sense of humor in a guy, but in my personal experiments that’s never helped me at all — occassionaly like once every four years I get a women to buy in to it, but I tell you, in high school I was prety funny and no one wanted to touch me.”

Hunky Jimmy also laughingly confessed, “can I tell you something? Honestly, last night there was a very attractive girl in the audience…and I looked over and was like, ‘oh boy she’s looking at me.’ And then I realized, oh yeah, I’m hosting the show they’re all looking at me, that’s what they’re looking at cause I’m the only one talking in this room right now.”


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Listen to the full interview above and be sure to check out all the ‘hunk week’ runner-ups too!