Lady Gaga Inspires & Haley Crowned Best Performance Of The Night

May 11, 2011 11:22 pm

Photo: FOX/ Michael Becker

Modern day icons to impress, big shoes to fill, and the pressure of winning that homecoming parade next week were on the minds of the  “American Idol” Final Four. The contestants are always put in pressure cooker situations and this Wednesday nights performances may may have been the most profoundly pressurized as international superstar Lady Gaga stopped by, along with her exaggerated wardrobe, to help resident coach Jimmy Iovine give advice to the contestants.

The two round set up where the first round being “a song that inspires” them and the second round being a song from the historic songwriter/producer duo Leiber and Stoller gave an insight on the performers dynamics and where their heart and mind were at the time. WHO ARE LEIBER & STROLLER?

The show was filled with stellar performances, yet Haley Reinhart was singled out when host Ryan Seacrest asked Jennifer Lopez who she thought did the best in the first round, and she basically replied that it was a three way tie with James, Scotty, and Lauren. Jennifer and Randy Jackson‘s critiques had nearly brought Haley to tears in the first round but came out motivated as she has now been dubbed here as the queen of the second round.

Here is a brief recap of the performances and Wednesday nights “Idol” show.

James Durbin, “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. For the first round James took on a song that Randy is most familiar with, being that he played bass on Journey’s album “Raised on Radio” in 1986. He pleased the former band member with the performance as he had this to say “you took on a very difficult song and you did it.”  James also pleased the crowd with his version that was not too far off from the original and is a truly inspirational song to “don’t stop believin'” that especially hit home in his case. Grade: B

Round 2: “Love Potion No. 9″ by The Searchers. James closed the night out with his usual James Durbin modern feel to an old classic. Randy really enjoyed the performance and had this to say “You’re peaking at the right times,” as in he is evolving into a better artist each time he steps on the stage. Grade: A


Haley Reinhart “The Earth Song” by Michael jackson: Haley’s first round choice was an epic song all around. A song with a strong meaning, and done by the late great king of pop Michael Jackson, unfortunately she may have bit off more than she could chew. Because it had been performed so well by a timeless icon, there was too large of a bias that the fans and 2/3 of the judges felt she didn’t live up to the expectations. Her performance was actually well done, although Randy and Jennifer were not too big on it both saying she couldn’t hit those notes like Mj, but Steven was on her side by saying “Don’t listen to them because they’re wrong.”  Grade: B-

Round 2: “I Who Have Nothing,” by Tom Jones.  Two words to sum up Haley’s performance would be dramatic brilliance. She sported a beautiful dress, with a string orchestra to compliment her in the background. Whenever Haley seems upset about her first performance, she comes back with a phenomenal second one that blows everyones mind.  “One of the best performances of the year here.” Jennifer gushed . It seemed as though Lady Gaga’s advice had helped when she asked Haley “How do you feel about getting a little psycho?” Grade: A+

Scotty McCreery, “The World Keeps Turning” by Allan Jackson. Scotty came out guns blazing with guitar in hand and, his country swagger, and a song of patriotism. He told a story of the situation   “You’re ready for superstardom, and I hope you make it.” -Randy. Grade: A

Round 2: “Young Blood” by The Coasters. Lady Gaga’s advice for the fairly conservative Scotty was about how he should treat the mic, saying “If you don’t stick your tongue down my throat, we’re through,” that left Scotty a bit uncomfortable to say the least. I might have transcended into his performance, while it seemed a bit overdone “you made Gaga’s yaya go lala”-Steven.

Lauren Aliana, “Anyway ” by. Lauren’s song was dedicated for the tornado victims in the south. Coming out dressed like she was going to her prom “You did it again, you broke my heart.” -Steven  “That was very good, I’m so proud of you.”-Jennifer. Grade: A

Round 2: “Trouble” by Elvis Presley. Lauren brought this character out from within that was seductive, confident, flirty, and evil yet cute. “It was really, really good. I was like ‘who was that?’ ” Jennifer joked  You’re not a kid you’re 16… I was way too weird to be on ‘American Idol’



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