‘Real Housewife’ Teresa Giudice “Blacked Out” In Upcoming Premiere Episode [AUDIO]

May 11, 2011 9:23 am

(Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions)

‘Real Housewife’ Teresa Giudice joined us in studio Wednesday to discuss “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” the dramatic season 3 premiere of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and her newest cookbook “Fabulicious!”

Teresa describes this season’s premiere of ‘Real Housewives’ as, “it has to do with my family and it’s sad and it breaks my heart.” Teresa recounts, “I blacked out…what happened on the show, I could’ve never imaged it in a million years…me and my brother, we were like best friends, up until he got married.”

Teresa explains the trouble that goes down at the christening in the first episode brews from her brother Joe and his wife Melissa Gorga — confessing, “[Joe] started it…it was something that came from left field.” Adding the clip previewed in the interview below was, “me telling her sister, she’s taken both sides of the fence, stuff was happening and she’s really close to her sister so I reached out to her…and even she said ‘yeah my sister is a bitch’.”

As for her relationship with Melissa, Teresa admits it wasn’t always hostile, revealing, “I wanted to get along with her…I was a month away from giving birth at their wedding…he was on his third fiancée…all I wanted was him to get married and have a baby…I wanted her to be the sister that I never had…after I gave birth I even asked her to be the godmother!

As for how Teresa feels about the reality show continuing on in such a way, she admits, “when I first signed up, I didn’t do it for money or anything, I just did it for fun cause at the time me, Dina, and Jacqueline were really good friends…and I thought they would tape what we normally do everyday, you know — shop, go out to dinner.” Yet although Teresa shares she thought the experience would be peaceful, especially now sans Danielle Staub, she divulges how she’s still far from peace, adding Melissa’s role on the show was a shock to her.

Teresa recalls, “people called me to tell me they were getting interviewed to be on the show…then i get a phone call from Bravo saying, ‘we just want you to know that your sister-in-law and cousin are going to be on the show and my jaw dropped, I was like, ‘really?'” Furthering when she talked to her brother and sister-in-law, “she said, ‘they told me not to say anything’ [I'm like], this is family, why didn’t you guys tell me?’.”

Aside from all the drama and turmoil which season 3 consists of, Teresa also talked her latest cookbook, and specifically a fave recipe ‘Joe’s Juicy Meatballs,’ which Teresa reveals, “the secret is to bake them and they’re healthier for you that way.”

For more from Teresa, and also to hear the message which Danielle left for her, listen to the interview!

And be sure to tune in and catch all the drama in the season 3 premiere Monday, May 16th, on Bravo @ 9 pm and catch Teresa on Andy Cohen May 23rd.

You can also get your copy of Teresa’s latest cookbook “Fabulicious!”, available now in stores, and to catch Teresa in person and get your copy signed, check out her Barnes & Noble signing locations and dates here!