Ashton Kutcher Will Replace Charlie Sheen On ‘Two & A Half Men’

May 12, 2011 7:51 pm

Despite embattled Charlie Sheen‘s best efforts it has been announced that Ashton Kutcher will be replacing Charlie on “Two & A Half Men”!

Our nation’s attention has long been held captive by the ordeal unraveling with the studio shutting down production of the popular television show, and continuing with Sheen declaring his home a substance abuse recovery center, and his subsequent “comedy tour.” The tense situation being exacerbated not only Charlie’s antic, but also the threat of a 100 million dollar lawsuit against Warner Bros studios.

During the very public meltdown of the relationship between show creator Chuck Lorre and Charlie there has been a long list of possible candidates to replace Sheen including: Hugh Grant, Rob Lowe, John Stamos, David Arquette along with many others. However now all casting speculation has been laid to rest. Sheen is out. Ashton is in.

Ashton, a veteran of three camera comedy, will be joining the cast as an all new character, and it has been speculated that Ashton will be receiving 1 million dollars per episodes which may or may not include additional revenues from re-runs! Ashton has lit up the social world with the following tweet alluding to the title of the program.

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Ashton last regular role on television being hit comedy sitcom “That 70’s Show” which ended its illustrious run in 2006 after 8 groovy seasons. Since then Ashton has graced the silver screen with such notable romantic comedies as “The Killer’s opposite Katherine Heigl, leading a star studded cast in “Valentine’s Day,” and its soon to be released sequel “New Years Eve.”

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