Paris Hilton Offers Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Advice On Life [AUDIO]

May 13, 2011 8:10 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Hollywood’s most well known socialite and entrepreneur Paris Hilton phoned in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Friday to chat her upcoming Oxygen reality show “The World According To Paris,” and how she’s ditched her signature baby voice, and even offered Brooke Mueller advice regarding Ex Charlie Sheen.


The 30 year-old explains she originally began speaking baby as, “I think it’s something I learned as a little girl and when asking my dad for things it would work but…I’m all grown up now so I don’t need to do that anymore”

Paris explains her relationship with Brooke as, “we’ve been friends for a few years now, my mom is really close with her and I know her because Charlie is my neighbor.” Paris admits Brooke did come to her for advice regarding Sheen since, “she is one of my closest friends so we talk about everything.” Adding, “I’ve been through a lot so I know how it is.”

Not only will Paris’s own life be displayed on the reality show but the madness that is Charlie Sheen will be as well, as Paris adds, “it was very interesting to watch on the show”, furthering the Sheen-induced scene in their neighborhood to consist of, “helicopters everywhere, police cars in and out — it’s been very crazy in the neighborhood.”

Paris describes the upcoming reality show, in short as, “nothing I’ve ever done before — it really shows what I’m like…it’s a really in-depth look, it’s very personal, and I can’t believe some of the stuff I’ll have on TV.” Included in that look is her relationship with current boyfriend Cy Waits, which she foreshadows, “we go through a lot on the show, but thats how relationships are.”

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Listen to the interview above for more from Paris, like about her 11 perfumes and how mom Kathy can’t text, and be sure to catch “The World According To Paris” on Oxygen, June 1st @ 10/9c