Model Falls Three Times On Cannes Fashion Runway [VIDEO]

May 17, 2011 2:18 pm

Cannes has become synonymous with the very best fashion shows, festivals, and posh culture. Recently, during supermodel and celebrity campaigner Naomi Campbell‘s “Fashion for Relief” charity fashion show an up-and-coming model Lindsey Wixon‘s took a serious tumble. Several in fact. Each one more awkwardly hilarious then the one before.

However she was not the only one! Another model nearly topples, but is able to regain her composure and spare herself the indignity of falling flat in front of the crowd. The event was also attended by other vetern models including Yasmin Lebron, Vanessa Paradis, and Hollywood icon Jane Fonda. Despite the afternoons mishap the “Fashion for Relief” says it has raised more than four and a half million British pounds for various causes. Enjoy the video, and feel free to send us links to your favorite fashion pratfalls.